Roofing and Chimney Repairs in Luton, Bedfordshire

Hogarth Bros is your solution to any roofing and chimney need. Our goal is to make sure your home is protected against water damage, weather, and leaks. 

Re-roofing expertise

Re-roofing can be a lengthy and complicated process. No matter the system, our roofing contractors are able to provide roofing services for domestic and commercial customers. Our specialties include work for:

Re-roofing expertise

  • Tile roofing

  • Lead roofs

  • Re-pointing

  • Flat roofs

  • New builds

  • Built-up felt roofing

  • Slate roofing

Chimney work

A damaged roof can cause problems for your fireplace or chimney. Most of the time, with a roof that has aged or been damaged to the point where it is necessary to re-roof, the home will also have problems with water leaking through the flashing.


Should your Luton roofer suggest that you need a new flashing or pointing, there is probably evidence that water is leaking into the chimney through the point where the chimney meets the roof, or that the mortar holding the bricks together has eroded away. Whether or not you currently use your fireplace, the perfect time to have these repairs done is during re-roofing. A watertight covering at the top of your home will prevent water damage on all levels.

Your chimney and roofing repairs are performed by seasoned contractors when you contact us in Luton, Bedfordshire, for a free quotation.